this seer subject.

Plamanto Everyone

While I share many of the people who posted opinion that the seer types should use all their skills available to defend and even attack with. However I think the point Arthor was making and to consider is how is it self defence using this skill when

a player is bashing in goblin town and you are sitting safe in your guild or a comm shed. I think at this point it is overboard and excessive. If arthor was headed anywhere near saphir(something he has more then enough skills to see) then by all

means use what is at your disposal to disuade him. Getting killed linkdead is a bitch but it happens to all of us. Arthor can be annoying and a down right ass at times but when you are vomitting non stop for hours at a time it just plain makes the

game no fun I think. To sum up use your skills how they were meant to defend or attack not to just harrass with no intent of doing anything other then annoying the living daylights out of someone.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Mournsend, in the year 987.