and Julian.

Warrior Tanglongto Plaman

Julian, what is it about \"a buncho thakrians and parrians (the ones from thakria mostly) will decide... \"?? As like Plaman said, thakrians are thakrians, Parrians are Parrians. They all act on individual basis and in no accordance to their city.

Plaman, you said in the last post, \"Parrius is as much a part of thakria as springdale is a part of mercinae. \" What do you imply in that? IMO all 4 cities are independent from any other city.

I see that recently many teaming has occuered. I hope you guys don't make it into a political issue. Teaming is part of the fighting life in Avalon. If people team on you. Feel honoured but vengeful, instead of giving shouts of this and that.

\"Staying\" in comm shed and barracks are also part of the fighting tactics. Call it cowardice or whatever but that's part of how things go on here. As Plaman said, \"Live with it. \"

All in all I post just to hope that this teaming and fighting issue does not in any way relates to political agenda.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Springflower, in the year 986.