Why not both?.

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Vargo

Well slow motion because I've had some fights where you are waiting 2 minutes for them to cure their broken arms and writing aliases as we go. Otherwise it would be turn on your log, read 10 pages of spam and hope you can pin someone not busy down to tell you what cures what. Though everybody SHOULD be afflicting themselves to find out the same thing. It's more difficult to do Sorc or Loremaster combos to yourself to figure out those defenses.

I think there is room for both speeds tho. Slow mo and pointing out obvious gaps in defenses and letting them get that sorted and enemies just wailing on them using all the dirty tricks they have. I needed both peer fighting (slower) and the all ultimates to improve.

And while Zeni, Threap, and Gaar were beating on you at full speed I know I was there with you Vargo fighting you at half speed or giving you suggestions for your defense. I remember how frustrating it can be when you have questions and nobody is around to answer them.

Works both ways too. Writing this as I'm sparring with Xion in the arena. I'm picking out bits and pieces of lore master spam that just flew past me before and now when I fight someone like Tempre I can see what's going on a little bit better.

Also just because they are an enemy you can't ask them questions. They can tell you to fuck off but a larger portion then you might think will answer you truthfully.


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 7th of Springflower, in the year 1350.