Irrational actions.

I never said I would stop protecting citizens, I said that I was done training her, as she preferred your assistance over mine in that area coupled with my anger over the laisse-faire reaction (going so far as to laugh) as someone who has only ever tried to be helpful to her being -repeatedly- killed for no reason in front of her eyes while he was without any defences prepaired in what he thought was a friendly environment.

My tutoring of Naiari is no longer required it seems, as I was then told you are the superior teacher to me and I should not try put in my advice by another of your guilds members. So now her combat training is your responsibility, as im done coddling. Which is -not- the same as refusing to defend a city mate. if any of my citymates are abused I will help, but im done going out of my way to teach those who don't want my assistance, or even care enough to step in when I'M being assulted for no reason

Furthermore, my new enmity towards you will -not- result in challenge. It will be me tightening up the holes in my defence that you found, then showing you what happens to those who anger a bard.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Paglost, in the year 1327.