I'd hope this post is allowed to remain here because I have a lot I need to say and being ignored for so long is just not cutting it anymore.

I'm an old player like a few others here. I've put 16 years into trying to enjoy and master this game to the best of my abilities. I tried to pass this information to each new generation I came across. I enjoyed the social aspect and the bonds that were created due to the stresses and the necessity of rallying together for the common good.

Some hate me, some are meh and others may have even liked me at some point but there can be no denying that I put in a lot of effort to try to make a difference. To evoke conflict, to get passions running, to start fueds between cities and to try to bring a bit more excitement for all.

However I'm at my wits end. I have no idea if this is personal/bugs/forgetfullness or something else but I just can't. My wedding rings were given to Dunccan and Aster without a word to me or Ithikul about it. If this was a mistake then I apologize but inquiries into it have been met with silence.

I'm a statue more times then not due to a bug and when I ask about it, point out how the bug works exactly nothing is changed and I'm left having to ask other gods to fix me. I can't even log in during the week and when I ask why I'm also met with silence.

I had a self imposed timer that was MY idea tweaked to the point of making it so I can't be here at all. Messages and emails sent for month are again met with silence. I'd like to thank the other gods who have gotten back to me to pass the message along but right now Sajora is essentially unplayable.

I end up with mixed messages like this.

Genesis: \"I've removed the limits because frankly Avalon needs a bit of passion from players of your calibre fightingwise. So many bean stackers can never make a REAL contest. I'd

rather have ten competitive fighters than 100 number crunchers. \"

So was this the truth or was this just telling me something I wanted to hear? Actions proved the opposite by having my timer reinstated the next day only to be made worse where I couldn't even play evenings like I did before. Something I asked for is now being used against me and there is nothing I can do about that as there is zero dialogue.

So what is it? The number crunchers are winning. They are left alone. The more aggressive of us get rewarded and punished at a whim and due to our inability to be mind readers there is zero control we have over this. Skill sets are nerfed and changed based on individual feelings towards players rather then with the mindset of balance in mind. Sorry I'm breaking role play right now but when you run into issues like this on a daily basis then any semblance of immersion is ripped from you. I'm banned from

Public and Elders where this may be more suited but this is all I'm left with.

Dryads are broken because of trying to defend myself from a crazy decomposing animist? Makes sense. Things that were currently working no longer work while things that have been broken for far longer are put on the back burner.

I'm tired of having to sit and deal with one stresser after another and if I finally get frustrated enough to say something only to be punished further. It's kinder to just tell someone to fuck off and not play then this mind fuckery going on right now.

How many sessions have I applied to and received confirmations for only to be stood up? All of them. All 6 of them and my time treated as if it were meaningless. Thank you for that.

If I were lucky I'd just be banned or deleted proper but this game of uncertainties while things taken individually could be seen as bad luck or coincidence and now all put together just makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm not the only one either. So many of us have put a lot of time and effort into this place with the sole purpose of trying to make it better in whatever way we can provide only to be treated like garbage for our efforts because we are stupid enough to put ourselves in this sphere and make ourselves available for it. I've tried to do this privately, and through the right avenues and things have just only gotten worse.

So whatever. If you actually value anything I bring to this place remove my timer and return our rings and give Dunccan and Aster a set that is precious and special to them. Not our cast me downs. Please get rid of the timer that me and Ithikul asked for and no longer want or fix the frustrating statue side effect that is attached to it because I'm sure I hold the record now of hours spent as one.

I can't seriously think of a role play reason for all of this happening other then extreme oversight, cruelty, or because I'm one of the few people to actually SAY when something is pissing me off rather then seething quietly. Doing anything quality isn't my style and never will be.

So take whatever you want from this as nothing here is in my control anyway.

Sajora, Tired of being angry all of the time

Written by my hand on the 10th of Midwinter, in the year 1326.