Fighting Words!.

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Everyone

The fighers board is back up?? Woo hoo wonder if I can even post on this one. Lets test! Warning, slightly incoherence ahead.

Ew, I remember being nice enough to not only push Lukien into the Pool of Life but Scorpio as well when they are link dead or obviously not of mind sound and body to be paying attention and power idling but still... no fun being nasty to someone if they can't be there to witness it. Cabe would have psychic like abilities to strip me the only 2 times in 6 months I went link dead. Just say no to idling while drunk!

There is a lot of do as I say but not as I do and sadly we are all guilty of it. But it is fun to find out about yourself by what you complain about the most! I can't remember what I complain about as I have no forums to complain on but I think it's bugs but I'm not horribly self aware.

Pointing a finger at others there is sewer sitting thieves complaining when someone is DP. Someone complaining about having having someone cross the line of verbal abuse yet they usually are the ones to take things to such dark depths. Thieves complaining about being robbed. Sadists talking down about sadistic behaivor! Oh what fun navel gazing can be!

Though everyone should take MY awesome advice and ignore Lukiens attempts at talking out of 3 sides of his ass on issues. There is a ton of you are a jerk for doing this yet I just did the same action and will and am going to do the same action later. It's a manipulation tactic that girls tend to employ and you all should know better! I know he is a bit dainty and easily mistaken for Brightstar with his wardrobe choices but I have faith in you all to do the right thing. If a girl hits you it's ok to hi

t her back.


The Ghost of Lukien Torinaiden, The Harbinger says, \"But when I lay any amount of pressure on any of your cits, they'll just crumble and stop playing\"...

After applying pressure in the past I got the response of well I'll just sit dp and do comm work all night then when I mentioned frustration at the the lack of a pull yourself up by your boot straps mentality. Some people you just cannot reason with or get to see the light through the glorious shining light of logic, facts, and pattern recognition and it is best to not try, turn on etells and do what feels good.

Pryrates, keep up the good fight of trying to do the right thing even though in this world it is bloody hard to do.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Ilmarael, in the year 1323.