Right back at you.

So, after killing your mount... the one the resets... you claim ok, that's it Pryrates is being Cheap. So what does he do? Come back with vengeance and try and slay his opponent?? Oh wait... it's Lukien... The Ghost of Lukien Torinaiden, The Harbinger says, \"But when I lay any amount of pressure on any of your cits, they'll just crumble and stop playing\"... remember... because I killed his mount... that will reset. Lukien is now going to try to make paying customers who enjoy playing avalon quit?? Is

this what Mercinae stands for now-a-days? What a sham.

It's people like you, whose everyday lives' suck, so they have to come here and take it out on some defenseless person against your level of stealing and petty theft, that hurt this realm. and I'm not going to stand up for it. I hope others will take notice and help defend against making someone want to quit. Especially when that someone was picked for no reason whatsoever, all because you can't kill me. Pathetic excuse for a fighter.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Springflower, in the year 1323.