Crystal Heart.

Lorelord Allanonto Master Sorcerer Cordon the Fetid

After reading the Mercinaen City BB with tales of Threap and other \"younger\" foul sorcerers like

yourself using skills like Vampirism as a child plays with a new toy at Christmas I felt you

deserved a little Mercinaen justice as you kept entering our city to attack Trell.

armsmash cordon you had a Crystal Heart you showed little concern for your loss of lives - the repeated killing

in the Cavaliers guild was to teach you a lesson - if you will take the chance to use skills

like a Crystal Heart and find yourself conered you gonna get killed an awful lot.

As Calagan a ship runed pack in which your heart was placed makes it almost impossible to get the heart off you and crush it

before your eyes.

My point was use your god given guild skills to the fore but take your punishment quietly.

By the way both myself and Trell could not attack you after the first death or 2 due to bloodlust


I make no apology for trying to educate you on the down side of using a Crystal Heart.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 985.