Brigands are non fighters on purpose? Oh boy.

Ugly?? My ass has been blamed for blocking out the sun casting the world in shadow... but some don't mind that.

I decorated my heart with flowers and everything. I put posies on my soul and a wreathe of lillies on my brain. Why is nothing good enough for you!

Robins flock to my bidding and the squirrels only attack occasionally. How dare you sir! Your guild shall suffer the wrath even if I feel guilty when it's basically just popping a balloon made of blood.

Being a former Brigand I should feel very ashamed for what it has become now. However I find it's more quaintly annoying then anything. Sort of like we have a third animist guild...or a guild full of people who barely care and just want lestagii and to hang out. It's the lack of caring that I find the most offensive. Forestry is beautiful and wonderful and you all ignore it! Sorry Lightfingers but as guildmaster you are setting a HORRID example.

The Rangers guild have had friendships that have lasted years. Me and Pahn have been friends and allies for over a dozen years and the Brigands are full of thirds and fourths who were talked into it or lws who didn't know at the time what they were signing up for and now stay out of guilt.

If I quizzed any of them on how to use a blowpipe I'm sure I'd get a lot of blank stares. You all just don't care and that's a pity.

I do miss Ender and Belgadeth. While it made the treetops a place you couldn't run to when you felt like taking a tinkle on someone unlucky (or maybe VERY LUCKY) below it made our rangers better to see tricks not taught from their own. It made things Exciting! Avalon is supposed to be exciting remember? Not where we just all sorta hang out and compliment each other.

And Lightfingers I thought we were frenemies. I could count you as my only half friend in saddening.

But back to my original statement. For any Brigand who actually does have an actual INTEREST in fighting because it's as beautiful as my body then please ask me because at this point I rather an enemy of strong bears then a bunch of bear like druids.

P. s. Being DDW is facing zero adversity. It's the entire purpose of it as it isn't for dueling.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Mournsend, in the year 1317.