Yet again you have proven why the so called Legends of the Past are just that - figments of memories that have long since been rocked by the grip of senility.

Apparently though, those oldies who remember you from Long Ago inform me that very little has changed regarding your methods of initiating and subsequently escaping.

Anyone who thinks they could learn something from a legend like Threap, let me be the first to tell you all that I have absorbed all he has to teach. The following is how to do it:

Step one: Leave temple or otherwise impenetrable location.

Step two: Prepare to jump your foe while they are bored of attempting to get to you.

Step Three: JJ once before folding under the onslaught of afflictions. Death is swift.

Step Four: As a ghost, or immediately upon resurrection, employ the masterfully practiced running away skill to flee to a holy mark.

Step Five: Use highpriest return as soon as you possibly can so that you return to your impenetrable location.

Step Six: See Step one.

Now anyone who is a Highpriest can fight IDENTICALLY to Threap, though I suspect the 'legendary' reputation won't be concurrent with these 'tactics.'

-- Salvador

Written by my hand on the 15th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.