A wind that blows hard is a wind that smells foul.

Is this your stupid attempt at blackmail? So fitting for one who follows the light. Your companion in light Ithikul would be so pleased at your constant need to threaten things that would only serve to hurt the friendship between the two of you. Play your card so we can be done with this game please? I'm interested to see the fall out where you lose and nothing changes for me.

This is what is going to happen.

You will be mocked when you deserve mocking.

You will be teased when you deserve teasing.

You will have your sorry little knight ass handed to you if you try to fight me.

You and all your incarnates will continue to cease to exist in this realm and the only reason you show up in my existence is that the lovely #gag command only works for a single line and not entire postings of bluster, brag, lies, and taking credit for everything anyone has ever done because..... well there is a pathological condition where denial overcomes reality to protect the fragility of your ego.

Fight me through political maneuvering, fight me with your silly mindless knight skills or fight me like the petty petty man you are and can't help to be otherwise. Prove me right that you'll choose option number three.

Now I shall go back to you not existing except only as a passing wind blowing hard throughout the lands.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.