Your suffering at the hands of Allanon.

Dear Cordon

I was most peturbed to hear of your hammering at the hands of

Mercinae's very own Lorelord, the most righteous Allanon.

However, something occured to me after i had decifered your post

using the rosetta stone ( a most interesting item ).

It would appear from my intelligence reports that the aforementioned

Allanon was engaging in the sport of teaming the enemy until they ship.

A great sport indeed, that we have all partaken of from time to time

myself quite often as the subject (so to speak).

It would seem dear Cordon, that for some reason you could not complete

your part of the game (that of being shipped) and thus

the team of players engaging in said sport were confused

and continued to kill you many times!

I would suggest that to avoid such problems in the future you play by

the rules and get on the ship like everyone else...



Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 985.