OOC post.

Lightfingers, Choir of Deathto Everyone

I'm gonna post OOC here because I'm don't want any of the bullcrap posturing and I don't want to even attempt the comic relief that I'm usually known for attempting.

This is the truth from my standpoint. Agree or disagree, I don't care. But I think it's important that my side is expressed because I -know- I'm not alone here.

I peaked as a mediocre fighter. I was -alright-. Sajoras, Salvadors, and Dunccans would probably say I was terrible. Not surprising because they're elite. I didn't care. I took my lumps and for the longest time, I did so quietly. Later on, I griped but I'll get to that. Fact is, regardless of big skills I could only code -alright-. I could only type -alright-. Raw talent was not in the cards for me nor did I have the time to invest to become awesome. I was happy though. I was hitting within my weight c

lass and that was cool by me.

But then, even though my fighting prowess had peaked and leveled off, I kept getting bigger naturally. Lessons came and I spent them. It's what you do, right? Then slowly but surely, I'm either getting pwnd in seconds by better fighters (not necessarily bigger) but EVERY SINGLE fight I actually won I was accused of abusing younger players. That was bullshit, straight up. I never targeted smaller people... it just got to a point that most people WERE smaller than me and the others were absolutely elite.

But it gets worse... see, the elite people then get all \"I'm a hero\" and targeted me extra heavily because of the false perception. THAT was when I started getting frustrated and shitty. Login- BAM shipped. Undance to bash back up. BAM- jumped, shipped. Undance, cat, go quietly pick locks, bored as fuck. This is when the game started to suck. Now, some might say \"Just take your lumps and get better\". Meh... It's not that simple for us mediocre people. Just cause we're \"big\" doesn't mean we're good. An

d just because we choose to fight someone smaller, we're not automatically bullies... we just suck. It's really not much different than Sajora smacking me around... she shows 140% of me when considered. How is her jumping me any different than me jumping someone 60% of me? It's not. Justify it all you want.

Whatever, bottom line is this: The game itself is too polarized. And it's balance issues or Genesis and all that shit. It's the attitudes of the people playing. It's the disgusting double standards and elitist attitudes. The arrogance and sense of importance that many of you display makes me sick. It's THAT shit that's ruined this game when you compare it to the \"old days\". Turn that finger around and point it at yourselves. We're all guilty, myself included.

That is all.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1306.