My prowess or lack there of.

You are right! Why would I be good at a skillset I've been practicing since 1998. It must be luck.

No wait, It's god gifts! I have secret powers that Genesis has granted to me that allow me to beat people.

I guess Vinicius (where is he by the way?) Yamaraj (still lost in the fog) and Zooka(On 800 health) must be right! I'm just a has been with no future and who's past actions really don't matter much.

Since we can't . conveniently prove... that you are better than me as a knight maybe your brother will take me up on that challenge for trapping. Wiinner's guild gets warcraft. Not that I'm saying trapping is better I just don't like to share.

Let us assume for a minute that you are better at button mashing, let us assume the now incredibly scarce Thakrian element are correct and I'm obsolete.

Nothing will ever change the fact that I have never typed the words Choose Pacifism, Choose Duellist, before, ever, I don't even know if that's the right syntax.

It's not your skill Scorpio it's your spirit. If I could take the spirit of a young special someone I know and merge it with your experience and raw talent you would beat me in a minute. Since you have the defeatist soul of a secondary character, comic relief at best, you won't ever accomplish that.

Trust me when I say I do not feel I am the victor by besting you in a post, or in a challenge, I feel sad at the loss of your potential.

Sadly yours,


Written by my hand on the 1st of Leaflost, in the year 1306.