Hate a lot Bear.

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Everyone

Screw the past top 10 fighters list or anything that strokes egos. This is my top 10 all time hate list. Ironically most of these are non fighters or cowards who refuse to let you take out steam on them.

1. India - Passive aggressive professional Victim

2. Aerian - Would always steal my knives on a daily basis with Flagg when I was smaller. So much hate

3. Amaril - A complete failure at resembling anything but a Thakrian FM wearing a leaf thong. Runs non stop and only fights in a passive aggressive manner.

4. Parallax - Him and Zamphere were the original Cergaro and Bominog back before conquistador globe staves. Anyway to kill you without getting hurt themselves. Professional hiders.

5. Chasity/Her Oracle. The advent of one shot kills without any sort of way of attacking her back. Now able to still attack you without being able to attack back.

6. Zenichiro - Razed my guild 3 times, my city 3 times and stealer of many knives and pouches. Professional mind fucker.

7. Threap - Also stealer of many pouches and as soon as immobilize came out sat on me so some seer could rob me. Would drag people to 3 alker spots to fight them. Frustrating.

8. Arthor - Chased me up many many many many trees. Bloody impossible to fight back then or I was just terrible.

9. Narissa - Cause for me quitting my home city of Mercinae and joining Springdale for the soul purpose of killing her without India moaning to me as she was too busy trying to be her bff. Never was a fan of cheeky liars picking your pocket while being nice to your face. I like enemies to be nice and clear.

10. Abydos - Utter and complete whack job. Couldn't hack a fight normally so would grief you instead. Portal jab eagle, Portal Vortex, Portal Feeble, run to skies and curse you out. Serethpias is a very poor mans version of this psychopath.

And yes hating also means not bothering to spell check.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Paglost, in the year 1306.