Did someone say something about getting really drunk?.

For some reason seems very biter towards the Brigands, i sense a wee bit of claw envy. We have brains and alot of times those are a lil foggy floating around in kegs of the finest ale. Fortunately for us we are strongly headstrong and what we lack in numbers and experience in the profession we make up for in heart and detemination

Just know Rangers. but the non stop bombardment towards the guild no matter size, i will do the same, i wil killl you guild member if i can. Other will see what we see, and that is your crew is phoneys with no balls to stand up and say what they are allready thinkin.

Go Team Bearfail...

P. S. im only hate the rangers because i auditoned for the 3rd member in Team Bearfail and they \"had already filled the position. \"

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midwinter, in the year 1306.