this is a public Bb post.

Flippin Scorpio, Drivin the Crazy Trainto Everyone

So the Public Bb had me confused when i woke up today, thought i had switched guilds agian while being drunk but then i looked back and its all parrians as of late talking about the glory days about when so and so fought verse dz nuts in a battle for Sinto's T-backs.

But they do like to hear themselfs talk. Rangers and anyone else who really cares about what you'll are for and agianst we got better things to do then worry about making a skill to hold people back from joining or leaving a guild so the skills can be more protected instead of teaching the young they just show them how to hide in treetops and sit in barracks. least our guild stands for something. The Downfall of you and yours

Not many willing bears around to help teach and train but slowly and surely. Get your kills while you can, it only pushes us harder. Satsuki is young but is will to learn and is smart enough to get things on the first time when told and shown. Works well i need to learn from the ground up but i got all the skills quick so missed alot of stuff. So make note if Anyone wants to learn to do something rangers got all the \"Secrets\" and only a couple will show you stuff, if you hoard enough lestagii.

Brigands are back and will to teach and wont have to oath or bondsman, come and go as you wish. I knew the entire time i was brigand trapped posing as a Ranger, i know you feel it too. if your worthy then you will get as much help as you need and or want,

Finally, you just posted to say Brigands were Smash on Site status? we were that to begin with so save your breath. Seems you all get jealous of each other posting, and since you could just use the friend channel and spare us from \"this reminds me of the time when So and So.....

The Bruised

Written by my hand on the 20th of Agamnion, in the year 1305.