I'm quite happy with a kill a piece - considering six long months out of practise and unfamiliarity with the majority of recent changes puts the advantage FIRMLY with you. Nevertheless, as my mind regains its edge we can discard petty bulletin board arguments in favour of actual combat - and we will soon see whether your bot is as good as my bite.

In addition - I'd say that the success referenced in post 25860 lasted and will once again last so long as the Thakrian military officers fear actual battle.

Thank you for reminding me of that post, it's a shining example of the Thakrian laissez-faire attitude - as I recall Parrius parked 30,000 men outside the gate and after a tussle with a few of Achelous' exploits-of-the-week, Thakria left the realm en masse, seemingly happy to permit 30,000 pirates to swim in Moonstone Lake so long as the alternative was to prove their self-proclaimed mettle.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Ilmarael, in the year 1305.