I'm sorry if I was c blocking you.

First to address the things you are making up. Dryads, soul mate and all that fun powerful fisticuffs stuff? Not my idea. Though if you think about it a bear should be able to punch/kick/push a lot stronger then some puny little sorcerer who relies on magic rather then physical strength to win. You give lolbear too much credit. Stuff I may have inspired? Mislead. No complaints about that one from you.

You do know all these annoying balance changes so you can't feel a rythem anymore is due to making Avalon as anti bot as possible right? Congrats on working on your automation despite that. Now you can gaze into a mirror and admire your pock mocked cheekbones instead of watch your fight. I bet and automated little victory song plays if your absolve spam works.

It's all very exciting. The girls would be impressed except they aren't... you brag and brag about your scripting and programming skills and I checked with all of them. Every single girl in the lands. Not impressed with your ability to script. (Comforts) I'm sorry but please no need to lash out. A better haircut, a change in cologne, some humility, some pushups, new personality, acne cream, cooler looking mount and most importantly less scripty talk and your luck just may change!

Chin up there good buddy.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Midsummer, in the year 1305.