Last time we met.

Master Sorcerer Cordon the Fetidto Lorelord Allanon

Hmm... greetings low life... posting here since you can't even finish an argument you started... most likely because of your poor argument and inability to learn in the first place...

Speaking of the incident where you teamed me with Haluc... Saphir... Calagan... Trell... all of wich (part from Haluc (could be wrong)) are twice my size <Scoff,Scoff>... after asking you for a fair one on one fight... (teaming started accidentally bu

t could have been stopped at any time)... Preferably sometime before me losing around 10 levels.

Not worried about teaming to be honest... starting to get used to it... more your idea of punishment for something you can't handle because... as you said... you've not even tried to find a way past it... moaning at me that it's a hugh abuse of a skil

l to use it against a loremaster because you can't kill someone that is immortal... is it not more the case that in doing this, it's you that is the one hugely abusing a skill??

Cordon, eagerly awaiting an intelligent reply

P. S. I'd like to thank Calagan, Trell and Saphir for apologising afterwards... something the \"Great\" Allanon and Haluc couldn't see their way to

This whole incident really makes me question some of the rolemodels for your city

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Ilmarael, in the year 985.