OK, let's clear the air, shall we?.

Khursun, Artemis Stormto Athenia (in the fog)

OK, let me point out some things here, since you are twisting things to suit yourself. You must have decided that after I jumped in and took some swipes at your demons when they were attacking my guild mate, that I became fair game too. As I have -complained- about, bring it on! You fogged into my cottage the first time to mess with me, call that stalking since you used that term, and then into my garden the second time-still stalking- did some sorcerer things -fun, I managed to cure most of them,

and get me and my buddy out of my locked house- and then died to an alchemist on the street that never touched me when I had 1400 plus health. Sounds like a bug to me, or maybe I would have spontaneously died in my house too? So my apologies, you are only stalking me and I died once from an odd cause. Maybe kaskamak in your demon blood? Not my take on that, just the consensus from other fighters. Want my log? It is a fun read.

As for Malovas, if we are going to go there, I am assuming that you realize that I died a few times to him, when I was smaller than him. So what was your point again? Did I complain about that? Nope, did not even mention it until now, but hey, since you brought that up. No complaining on my end, I decided to grow to his peer size after a while and then oops! got bigger than him. As he sits in that room all day maybe he can grow too, since jumping people smaller than him is a specialty, unless I

have been misinformed by half of Avalon. Ask any smaller player - who jumps you all in a circuit at night? Does he still kill me now that I am bigger, yep! Do I care? Nope! I heard he turtles as soon as you figure out how to beat him and one day it will happen for me. Oh yes, as for the fog, no fog for Malovas yet, but since he is your pet, I am assuming fog will be part of his repertoire? Perhaps the fog King in training?

Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 1285.