My elders post in response to Dunccan about enjoying the fear and excitement.

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Everyone

Exactly! At first the heart racing elements that made Avalon want you to get to a therapists office (done and done!) I seriously got PSTD from this place but that same stress is also the same thing that has made it so addictive.

I miss that non stop fear and excitement knowing that I could be attacked at any moment. It heightens your awareness and senses to the point that it goes beyond roleplay as out of character I am oblivatron but within Avalon I become the most paranoid creature on Earth and I like it!

Let our enemies also feel this fear and learn to adapt to it like we have! Make every action have a consequence. Before when people choose to do hit and runs and hide they would suffer the humilation as being seen in their stockroom or the pool of life. A tidy garden or a guildhouse doesnt evoke the same type of scorn.

There have been some wonderful uses of the globestaves (for herbs and poisons and comm work) but the fighting aspects of them have been used in the most cowardly of ways which sadly is the default for many Avalon characters weither they will ever admit it themselves or not. Some even take pride in it which is their right but I want it to be my right to punch them in the face.

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I know that some people do not enjoy that sort of pressure and it does have its cost. While I can appear to be happy go lucky I have lost myself to sadism plenty of times. Sadism not through repetitive stripping so much as repeated applied pressure to targets. I have probably driven people from the game and have been driven out myself by similar tactics.

However I can say that some of this pressure was in direct correlation to people abusing safe havens rather then risk a death in a normal run of the mill fight. There are many jerks out there who were a pleasure to fight because they made themselves available rather the hide 99% of the time which would anger you to the point of hounding them 99% of the time that you saw them. Now my target and myself are both bored waiting the other out when we could have had a good time and been done with our feud hou

rs ago.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 1281.