Globestaves - Copy of my Elders post.

El Salvador, The Commanderto Everyone

It occured to me that many who may wish to lend their opinions on this issue cannot read the elders post. Thus, here is my post from there:

As I am sure everybody reading this knows, a globestave set to conquistador is capable of nullifying virtually all means of transportation into a location protected by it, including attempts at traversal.

This is an extremely potent defence which, when combined with certain long-range offensive abilities, such as the mage chessboard, the seers' farsight or sorcerer's homnculus demon, evolves from more than a simple defence, into a tool that can be used to launch an offense against someone with little to no possibility for the victim to respond.

Avalon is a world that is said to thrive on conflict and fatal clashes between players. It is my opinion that the globestave conquistador detracts from this ethos by permitting those of a more cowardly nature to participate in conflict without ever having to realise or face the consequences of their actions. These 'sub fighters' all too often tip the balance of a fight without ever having to be on the frontline and potentially face harm or death. A party of five on a mission to fell runestaves, for ins

tance, can be thwarted by a single, untalented, and, more importantly - untouchable - mage, sending chessboards loaded with peace rituals.

I do not believe that this is the way of 'conflict' within Avalon. All actions should bear consequences and it is my belief that the over-prevalance of globestave conquistadors leads us to a point where conflict and combat becomes stagnant when anyone who wishes to participate in combat can do so while remaining untouchable. Therefore, I propose that the globestave conquistador effect be changed to permit some recourse to the victim, and in doing so open the attacker to the consequences that fighters w

ho actually fight, have to face on a day to day basis.

My first and perhaps the most simple idea would be to make it so that the conquistador effect in a location prevents any and all ranged offensive skills against someone not in the same location. The logic behind this idea is that, given conquistadors prevent magical entries and exits, they should in doing so prevent magical attacks leaving the location and affecting their target. The downside to this solution would be that it is all too easy to cancel the effect, attack, and put it up again immediately

to once again be untouchable.

My second and preferred solution would be to make the conquistador effect go dormant in a location, when a person in that location has recently performed an offensive act. E. G. I fight someone and then leave and enter a conquistador'd room. The conquistador in that room recognises that I have been actively fighting recently, and goes dormant for a time (say a few minutes for argument's sake), until the 'combat resonance' has disappeared upon which it would immediately go active again. This method woul

d prevent folks from immediately fleeing from combat into an impenetrable location, for one, and it would further allow those targetted by ranged attacks to actually have a chance at reaching their attacker.

It should be noted that both methods would not affect people simply wanting to be left alone, the only way the conquistadors would fail, or need to be shut off, is if the person using it wanted to engage in combat. It should further be noted that it is still extremely simple to avoid a traversal without a permanent immunity to it as delivered by a globestave. I would hope that if either of these ideas are implemented, it would lead to far less frustration of being attacked by an inassailable foe, and p

rovide more avenues of conflict rather than one sided attacks that are entirely without recourse.



Written by my hand on the 28th of Skyelong, in the year 1281.