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Niun, as is customary you fail to see the big picture or you are deliberately pretending to misunderstand. Ok, I am going to get OOC here.

The issue, for me, is not only distinguishing what is real or what is not (based on ansi colour codes or otherwise) but the fact that the emote, in combat should not be there is the first place. At least for those who chose not to see them.

What you mentioned is unworkable in practice, and as an experienced sorcerer fighter yourself you should know how much spam a competent one can quite legitimately generate without even one emote. Never mind trying to take in whether the sender was blue, red, green or white as you fight for your life and the screen scrolls by. And that is using Battlemode and FVB (Fight Very Brief mode).

Yes, as a professional developer I can quite easily write conditional statements to #gag and #capture (to another window if necessary) what my routine determines to be real and not real and why stop there - I could quite as easily write a custom client that takes care of other problems, but why should I? And what about others whose interests lie just in the game play and not the technicality?

As I am sure many others are aware, and with the progress in technology and technical savvy -triggers of the sort that the EMOTE was left as it was to combat are obsolete to all but the newbie or less technically adept - for instance, a half decent setup will trigger on a 'verifiable effect' likely starting at the beginning of a line - rather than the base text of a silly emote. Variables will be set, conditional triggers will be turned on and off, the line between the player and the bot becomes less


Sir Jander

Written by my hand on the 21st of Midwinter, in the year 1269.