Sir Jander, Coeur de Lionto Everyone

Another very valid suggestion, from an apprentice no less.

A skill in perception or scholarship allowing one the option to ignore emotes i. e. EMOTES ON and EMOTES OFF is another good solution. I don't think there need be a description saying an emote was ignored - as that would be unnecessary spam. The emote would simply be automatically gagged from the screen.

The bard illusion skills should not be affected by this, and work as normal.

Perhaps his 'Sorcerer Lord' guild master could learn something from him. Plumbing the depths of underlying loopholes - in an attempt to augment an already overpowered skill set with further cheapness - is not always the answer.

As has been proven, leaving the frequency of spam emotes at the discretion of the sender is not necessarily a good idea.

Sir Jander

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midwinter, in the year 1269.