As I am the god of wisdom, I have no problem with bringing you some wisdom Sajora. I speak to those new in the land, being attacked and or jumped or even taunted into believing they must take on an all ult plus fighter. When you are fighting someone who is completly overpowering you in every sense, and you cannot find any method of improving or learning, then there is nothing to be gained by continuing the fight until you have a new tactic or plan to try.

Nothing will be gained if you are making the same errors repeatadly. On this note, I encourage any who is having continued trouble with the same thing to seek me out, regardless of city or profession. If not me, than a fellow citizen or guild member. Don't let death end yourself, find out where you are erring if you yourself cannot see it, someone else surely can. Have I cleared up any failure to understand my meaning?

Lord Telemachus

Written by my hand on the 28th of Ilmarael, in the year 1250.