Dear Marsupial.

Is it possible, that a prince, might comport himself with a touch more . class? Really, stooping to mount killing at your level of combat? If your helpfile is to be believed you are one who fights like the heroes of old.

Heroes of old don't kill mounts. Now we can go down that road if you wish. Shame however that we cannot maintain a modicum of civility. What is next, stripping my squires who cleave you? Didn't know the heroes of old you were reffering to in that self agrandizing diatribe you call a helpfile were Zenichiro and Babidi.

No ammount of titles can take away the fact that you are a griefer. Try to keep things civil Orinoko Paladins are held to a higher standard. You should know that.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Mournsend, in the year 1230.