Coupla Things... .

First..... read the post again and the one before it carefully. I addressed the Mercinaen YOUTH based on India's comments about things changing. I stand by what I said.

Second. I've never turned down a challenge from you or any other Mercinaen even if I know full well that I'm running into a slaughter. That is precisely my point..... accept the challenges issued. I'll say you do very well with that but many others in your city are a joke..... \"Can't. Bashing\", \"Can't. Doing city stuff\", \"Can't. I'm idling in a garden somewhere... \" etc. These are things I hear 7 out of ten times.

It's fair to say that you kill me more times than I you. You and I fight regularly both in and out of challenges..... So I have to ask you, what is it from me that you're waiting for? I back up my statements every time I'm in the land by fighting to defend my city and generally being a thorn in the sides of my enemies..... that is all I can offer.

If you're implying I'm not enough of a challenge for you, then I apologize for that and I'll do my best to get better. Hopefully I can return some of the death messages I get from you from time to time more regularly in due time. In the meantime, feel free to taunt and run your mouth... It appears that I'm the only one listening anyway.



Written by my hand on the 18th of Cloudburst, in the year 1223.