Rajj and Salvador.

Vargo, you're such a pathetic dink that you somehow managed to read a comment posted by someone else, about something else and make it about me. I always knew you were lacking any coherency in thought, but dayum!

Rajj, you useless sac of pus, you whined to a god rather than accept just one of those issues. You grossly lied about the number of times I issued and you now have divine protection from being challenged by me. So be thankful that you can sit wearing down those cobblestones without worry of me issuing ever again.

Salvador, when I don't answer your challenges, you complain. When I do answer them, you still complain because I'm not fighting like you want. When you jump me and I *allow* you to kill me, you complain about that too. When I prevent you from stripping me, you complain about that as well. You don't want to a \"fight\" anyway. You're so full of shit you can't even stop yourself from spewing it in your moronic shouts.

Now, there are a few things the three of you need to understand. I realize it will be difficult considering each you have such a limited capacity, but do try...

Like each of you, I do not have a penis. Therefore I do not produce the exorbitant amounts of testosterone that you would, that is if you had one. Because of this, I don't really care about being \"the greatest, most kick-ass fighter in all the world! \". I come to these realms for reasons other than to sit cowering in a city making idiotic noises, spending my every waking moment jumping people and abusing bugs and alternate chars.

That each of you decided to post letters to me for whatever reasons you made up in your underdeveloped minds only goes to show just how you poor dears are so desperate for attention that you would bother to address a \"nobody\" like me. Despite your want for my attention, I find your collective existence to be a waste of flesh, so what you think doesn't matter to me because you don't matter to me.

I do, however, find your deluded posts quite funny. They make me laugh every single time! Bad grammar, poor spelling, inaccuracies, and flat out lying not withstanding.

Regardless of what your young-male egos tell you what I do, when I do it, how I do it and who I do it to is not for any of you to dictate or police. With that said, please refrain from addressing any more of your pitiful, schoolboy attempts at cleverness to me. When I want to communicate with you I know where to find you.

Nekkid, now and forever,


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Hindyear, in the year 1218.