Top Fighters.

Count Trakea, Kohen HaGadolto Everyone

As with Salv and some of the others, I'm a bit young for old time discussions, so I'll stick with recent memory.

Loremasters - I wanted to come up with some LM that no one had mentioned, but let's be honest, it's really Kodiak or Zenichiro isn't it? I'll say Zenichiro since I've not seen Kodiak fight without a gem.

Mage - From my experience, I'd have to say Circe, she had more creativity than anyone else I've seen and could care less about rits. She also has a big set of... courage... going into all-Ult teams without a thought.

Bard - Maximillian. I've not been able to fight Krystal much, but Max was truly masterful with his skill set and knowledge of others. Leave it to Max to find a fun order to push your weaknesses.

Sorc - A tough call here, but I'd have to say Salvador. Eldereth had tremendous skill, but Salv has excellent creativity. He combines all his skills in a most effective attack, rather than relying on brute shock trauma like some.

Thief - This is an interesting one, Narissa is clearly the most knowledgeable and effective fighter, but Foxedup needs an honourable mention for fighting regularly with minimal defences and still finding ways to survive and land kills.

Seer - Cthulhu for me, despite his absence. I've heard terror stories of Esprii, but perhaps I've seen her get caught in Master Seeing Room to a vicious team one too many times.

Brigand - Probably Belgadeth, I've not seen Elmak fight enough for me to consider him, but it's really not an incredibly deep pool here.

Cavalier type - I'm honoured to hear my name mentioned on this list, but even I can't pretend to be considered. I will point out that it seems my level of activity has gone a long way towards appearances. Having fought many of this profession, I'd have to say Kureishi, Dunccan, and Maleki are the best I've seen. Maleki went dormant, but Dunccan and Kureishi are both exceptionally creative and tanks to kill.

As an anecdote that some may find interesting, in my Loremaster days I did find myself fighting in Thakria alongside Kodiak and Zenichiro against Kureishi and Dunccan. I must say that was the single greatest fight I have ever seen. Traps, spirit caccoons, lightarcs crackling, staves, really a complete use of every skillset. When all was said and done, after a roughly 30 minute fight, I think only 2 deaths had been claimed, one on each side.

That is the type of quality one needs to aspire to in order to be a top fighter in my opinion. To be able to stand against a team of gemholders and claim a draw, or even a victory. Dunccan and Kureishi did that with style that day, and Kodiak and Zenichiro weren't too bad going toe to toe with 2 highly skilled mashers.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Agamnion, in the year 1197.