Let me begin by correcting your misquote... What I said was that his opinions or those of others have no effect on facts. I also said, very clearly I might add, that I *don't care* what he or anyone else thinks of me. Please go back and my posts again if you're confused.

To answer your question, I do it to enlighten the rest of the world. To try and help those who might be foolish enough to waste time and effort listening to those spewing drivel. Most of all, I do it because I thoroughly enjoy calling people on their lies and hypocricy. A little public humiliation goes a long way!

Lastly, my question to you is why do you feel the need to sit in the peanut gallery and chime in on a subject that is none of your concern?

Think Nekkid!


Written by my hand on the 21st of Paglost, in the year 1197.