What *you* heard...

I feel the need to make things very clear for you as you don't understand the situation at all. That you got to Azrilli with my help and proceeded to slay animists in my presence is a betrayal. Your actions in Azrilli contradicted your words thusly rendering those words untrue. Untrue = lie. You don't like the word \"lie\", so be it. Call it \"mango\" or \"heptagonal\" if it pleases you. Your subsequent actions of attacking me

and my guests in Lord Maedhros' temple, slaying my eagle, stealing my steedarmour and inane shouting simply because I do not care to speak to you makes you a petty pile of excrement not unlike the piles roaming Springdale. Again, if you do not like my choice of words, feel free to choose words of your liking instead. The words are unimportant. Whatever it is \"they say\" about me is also unimportant. The thuth is what it is, is it not?

Wishing Nekkidness unto you all,


Written by my hand on the 10th of Springflower, in the year 1197.