You and your schizophrenic self.

We've known each other for quite a long time. Even before you took mortal form in this Avalonian Age. Over the years I thought we had come to an understanding. One of the most important things I thought you understood after all these years is that threats mean nothing to me -- whether they come to fruition or not. I've had some of the most sadistic and proficent killers in Avalon history on my ass since I was a cub. You don't even come close to meeting those standards.

Another thing I thought you understood was that *I*, against the protests of my guildmates and loved ones, was trying re-establish at least an equitable, working relationship with Thakria before my incarceration. I stood with Thakrians against Springdalian marauders. I supplied Thakrians with herbs and a few select poisons when no one else would. I opened guild recruitment to allow Thakrians to join again. \"You know Thakrians cannot be trusted. \" they would say. I would reply, \"If you treat people fairl

y it will be reciprocated. \" I should have taken better heed of those warnings.

I also thought I understood you to be an intelligent, free-thinking individual that could see past the massive piles of crap people like to fling here and make rational decisions on his own. After tonight, however, I can see how horribly mistaken I was. Whatever it is you think I said or did \"a few months ago\" when I *INACTIVE* is a complete lie, through and through. What's even more laughable about this matter is that you don't even have the capacity to get the lie straight! How pathetically Thakrian

of you. Almost up to par with Springdale. But keep working at it. Eventually you'll be able to shovel crap the way they do.

Nekkid as always,


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1197.