Really now.

Holywhitewolf Head of the Dragon Questto Esprii

You make an interesting claim Esprii. I am so glad that of all that could have posted, you were the one that actually did. I hope that time hasn't changed you into a soulless robot incapable of following your own heart in this land, like so many others before you. I have a very simple solution to everything, unless many are too afraid to fight someone prepared, that is. Type issue challenge holywhitewolf, await for me to respond, then we can battle and when you beat me there will be no dishonour on

your half. Do be warned though, this may actually at some point cause you to not beat me as easily over enough time, and then you won't beat me at all. Dare any of you risk this possibility?

Holywhitewolf.......eager to learn, ready to fight.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Midwinter, in the year 1195.