Interesting Battle.

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I was following an interesting battle between Allanon and Ithakus over the past week or so, and as the battle recently concluded in exciting fashion, I thought I would share it.

I'm bound to get a couple things wrong, so apologies in advance to the combatants:

Allanon has not been image burned many times in his 180 or so Avalon years, and the consequences of being burned - which is indefensable and cuts through olvar and life - are high, considering Allanon's near-ordainable status.

Yet Ithakus, the greatest seer fighter I've ever seen, managed to accumulate a series of bonds on Allanon, sneaking in bonds in odd moments and with the help of others who were fighting the old Mercinean.

Allanon swooped in on Ithakus, and opened his bag of tricks.

The two rained hell on each other.

Allanon, seeing that Ithakus wasn't fading, dug deeper into his seemingly bottomless well of resources, and returned with Mercinean ccc's and clever tactics that kept Ithakus on the defense, virtually unable to bond.

Ithakus took to safe locations, admitting that Allanon was a handful on his own, let alone with ccc's.

As the skirmishes continued, Allanon and Yousuf managed to corner Ithakus, and the seer was overpowered - killed four times.

Yet the knight got all the kills, Ithakus' growing wax was intact - at 38 rubs, two away from shipping the near-ordainable Allanon.

After a week of cat-and-mouse, the battle concluded...

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sketch all


Written by my hand on the 13th of Midsummer, in the year 984.