I forgot.

Oh and as you dont last more than 30 seconds against me in a challenge, i dont hold it against you that you run to get your friends... but it would be easier on you if you waited till you were ready to come to springdale and if not to at the very least be ready to get attacked, you are after all in enemy territory. again, either way this reflects none on alisters much wostening reputation for attacking young. the posts were the same at 27500, only it was different people making them. and because you ha

ve NEVER been stripped doesnt mean young arent getting stripped and alister using \"game Features\" to get around bloodlust. it means that thakrians arent gettiong stripped...hmmmm...still seems to point towards alister, as your defence of him was to question weather i have the right to attack you when you enter my city. Just you your head a little... you'll get it...I have faith. Killinan

Written by my hand on the 27th of Skyelong, in the year 1185.