Squire Killinan, Swords of Twilightto Everyone

Ok, so once again alister is defending himself for tring to kill lws and abuse bloodlust. Im not going to bother arguing this because its stupid. All i am going to do is reference the past. Liam, Argathian, Pittaxx, Myself... and now viktar. hmmm, I dont think we're all making it up. The truth is alister has no reguard for bloodlust, lw status, or anyother rule unless it impedes what he wants to do. I dont even know why this is a conversation. look at the past 100 posts on public board. Look at tho

se lws that have been killed by alister. If you still have trouble sorting out if alister is abusing the lw's , ask a friendly diety to check the kill records for you. (remember to ad one death for ever lw that died anonimously from yarl) Killinan

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1185.