Now, it is under my personal opinion that you have little idea to the depth or the meaning to half of the things you are saying. Lets start with blood lust. My question for you is simple. How is it you know he had blood lust? I don't recall it saying anywhere in your post that he had blood lust, not to mention you have no idea to that point unless you attack him. So unless you left out that he had blood lust, are you snatching onto Killinan's coat tails and pleading blood lust?

Now, for my second clarification. No where did you mention dying. You mentioned Fistandantilus curing you of different things, but never is it mentioned that any of this ended in your demise. If anything, you should be thanking Fistandantilus for helping you to cure and making triggers to alert you to your ailment and the cure for future reference. If you lost no experience, and only used Fistandantilus' herb supply and grew in knowledge of cures and a thief attack, I do not see why you are complaining

Alright, I think that about covers it. Oh, one last thing that is on more of a tip level. Do not post a question to someone and take the liberty of making up their answer. You have no right to speak in their behalf and it can do nothing but harm to you, so for your personal health, I would try to refrain from such liberal freedoms.

Speaking for Herself, Rakira

Written by my hand on the 13th of Eleuthral, in the year 1185.