Alright hon, lets see. Number one on the list, I am sorry, but I disagree with you on his post. He meant it and I am sure we can agree that you are happy any items taken from you were compensated, correct? Now, I believe we have talked before via tells on such matters, but lets see how I can clarify this for you.

As you know, I'm not always on to see every thing that happens, or anything like that. But, I do inquire into such matters when it bothers me. I cannot remember the details of how this fighting between the two of you began. I remember you talking to me, and I in turn, speaking to him on your behalf. in recent inquiries I have heard of you coming in to cleave him, which he needs to stop if he wishes to live, no? I believe he mentioned that he has tried to just shove you of the location, but you kept com

ing back in. This probably lead to your unpleasant demise.

As for lately, I am sorry hon, but I just watched you come into Thakria and kill one of my little ones that I know is a mere 1/8 of me and I'm not even that big yet. I'm glad that you're rearing to get into fighting, it's a good quality, but coming into an enemy city has been taken to meaning it's anyone's battle in that city because at that point, you're within our walls, you could be harming us, see what I mean? Now, if you wanted to send Salvador a tell say hey, I realize we're different in size, bu

t I was really wanting some experience fighting against seers, would you like to challenge? Then if he's iffy you might offer to not use a certain advanced move or something and you can both learn necessary battle actions and it's good all around.

I know that sounds cheesy, but something to that affect. My point on that matter is, if you start jumping and killing our little ones, your size will not play as big a role in attacking you. As for what's going on right now... you could talk to Alister send him a tell, ask what's up with attacking me? I didn't do anything to you! Might help to know why he did it, maybe clarify some things and rectify the situation. Hope that cleared things up, sorry if it sounds weird, I'm sleepy!

Charming Rakira

Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1183.