Match maker.

Kes you are the leader .oh wait you cant even win a guild election in your guild over some knight who logs on once a month. Anyways you seem to act as leader to a rabble of outlaw Knightish folk (only cause they can jj we'll call them Knightish). The

have no clue what this honor they are crying about is. I know what honor is. I also am honorable to folk that deserve it. Though some people deserve to die. to keep them from reproducing and shit. So before you run about shouting you have no honor.

your a big bad meanie (i like that one) get a clue. Rambling is a side effect of too many jj's so forgive me... and kes... id like to see you make me meet my maker... none of your guild mates are able...

Tynian the rambling sword flinging Knight killing.Night Watchman

Written by my hand on the 16th of Eleuthral, in the year 984.