and Alsiter.

You are both blind and idiots.

When you jumped our group the 2nd time in Chetwood Forest, There was a Paladin, Bard, Wizard, and Me. Caelred was NOT there, Safovine was DP, and Saroman was off doing his own thing.

Let's talk about the group where you were. You, Alister, Zenichiro, Parallax, Fizzy (2 Man Rits), Weasal, and Belgadeth (At times) Did I miss anyone?

That looks like 6 against 4, Caelred came later to help even it out, as did Saroman. But if you include me, which you can, That is 6 on 6, AFTER your deaths.

I will say this one more time and both of you listen well, if you have a problem with me helping my citymates, tell Mestopholies to change the rules of the guild.

To Alister, look, Im posting in the fighters board. GASP!!! Look, an Animist who won't lie over and wait, WOW!! Get over it already and quit your crying.

Druid Rajj, Proactive Animist

Written by my hand on the 26th of Mournsend, in the year 1178.