Zartuuzto Warlock Maldrak, of Thakria

Greetings once again

I'll start by pointing out that I am indeed Springdalian, but as I was in Mercinae at the time, I can see how that issue could be confused.

However, some advice... Given that the only experiences you've had with most Springdalian fighters were probably them jumping you, it would appear that you intend to ignore those who do not 'jump' often

This piece of advice goes out to not just Maldrak, but the other youth of the realm. Know what you can about your enemies. Just because they don't jump often, doesn't mean they are not there, and you may get a surprise should you go into the enemy city.

Also, just because someone places you on the enemy list, doesn't mean that their intent is to attack

Apology accepted, however!


Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1177.