Let me see if I can recall you exact words... \"Its no temple\". Followed by: \"Nostradamus doesn't deserve a temple\".

After repeated attempts at attacking me (all of which were totally pitiful), I patiently tried to explain that if

you failed to respect the sanctity of the Gods, that I would reciprocate your actions.

So from your previous post, it now looks like you have decided that the location I was in IS a temple. In which

case you knowingly attacked in one.

Now personally, I don't care. But \"do unto others\" I say. But please don't try and justify your pathetic ramblings,

as your contradictory points of view clearly illustrate it is nothing more than a sham of a sham.

For all Avalon: The process was: Vargo considers Maldrak and sees Maldrak is less. Vargo issues challenge. Vargo proceeds to knowingly attack Maldrak

in a temple where he is paying his devotions. Vargo denies it is a temple and continues to try (with zero success) to attack Maldrak. Vargo leaves,

Maldrak decides to project the occassional ritual at Vargo from the \"none temple\" (as declared by Vargo). Vargo whines about

projecting from a temple.

Your words hold as much truth as those about me bathing you. Which of course I must have done from the goodness of

my heart. And presumably with a new skill which permits me to do it from the Centre of Thakria Square. No, my only

involvement in that was to critisize Alister for not taking more advantage of your AFK idling, attempting to

soak up lessons...

Cease whining. You tried. You failed (repeatedly). Get over it.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1177.