My Sword. or is it really more about your mouth?.

Tahlveornto Cardinal Pahn, High Priest of Night

This is rather an old issue now, however I find it rather difficult to leave matters to rest when such lies have been told.

So lets do a quick review...

Fact. I was teaming Joely in Thakria. It was city defence and I was gladly actively involved in combat. If people dont want to get teamed in thakria I suggest they do not attack in thakria.

Fact. I was slain by one stronger than me... Joely in fact. Just for the record I will gladly die for my city time and time again.

Fact. I was dispossessed of my sword before my death but returned to retrieve it within a minute of it being dropped. However rather than just having to avoid Joely, I also had to tackle the fact that a Prophet, greater in might than myself had far moved it.

There is probably some clever way to work around the runes that were on it rather than requiring a craftmaster to remove them, however there was one stood next to the Prophet at the time.

So there we have it, killed by someone bigger (I was isolated, my bad, but I prefer to go head on rather than stand in rooms waiting), had sword moved by someone bigger and potentially altered by someone bigger.

Fact. I asked around my fellow citizens who were on at the time if any of them could replace the sword, whilst a couple of people checked what they had lying around someone issued a complaint on my behalf.

Fact. When I was aided by one of the deities of Avalon I was frank and honest about the entire situation, I almost got the feeling that the deity in question was unsure that they should have returned the weapon by the time we had finished talking, however they did so from the original request before I even knew that they had been petitioned on my behalf.

So there you have it, the true facts. You of course could not possibly know about the last two. But as is usual for a springdalian and moreso a member of the Paladins guild you decided to shoot your mouth off about the issue anyway.

No surprise there then

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Paglost, in the year 1175.