For one thing do not call me friend. I count you a coward without honour, but I will not start another bickering session here.

In your post to Meredoth, you said and I quote \"The only time you killed me is when you got 20 demons and jumped me\"... \"

If you ask me that sounds like a whine. Anyone else agree?

The fact is that a sorcerer using 20 demons is using his skills extremely wisely.

A long time in my past I was a sorcerer, and know for a fact they can call on over 20 demons.

To use these demons effectivly is the sign of a good sorc. This was one of the reasons Shaitan and Macros were so good.

My statement merely pointed out the fact that if you used your swords half as good as it would appear meredoth used his demons, then you would not have died to him.

Were you to fight him without hjisis demons, would be akin to him fighting you without your swords.

Do not read into thais as a personal attack. I couldn't give a toss about how you feel

but i feel this is a much better use of the fighters board, rather than who teamed who.

Oh, the top line was personal attack, but the rest isn't.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 983.