Aja, the Nekkid Antidemonto Everyone

This is one of the most absurd strings ever on this board and speak with the knowledge of having read most of the crap posted here in the last 140 years, give or take...

Smudan lost one pouch and some herbs. SO WHAT? He lost nothing that cannot be replaced. As disconcerting as I find it, I agree with Nostradamus. This small lost hardly constitutes \"stripping\" in the grand scheme of things. I dare say that if one of those sorcerers of days gone by, or if Babidi (one of the most nortorious strippers and sadist ever) had taken that pouch NONE of you would have much to say about it. In fact, I'm

willing to bet that if it had been Babidi, most of you would say \"Be glad that was all he took\". Having been his chew toy for a couple of decades, at one point even being held unconscious in Gabbad for hours, I can say without any doubt, Smudan got off easy.

India made excellent points in her post. Why did Smudan even have a pouch that was not fully protected? In a city with so many seers as citizens a person cannot swing a dead cat without hitting one, why wasn't his pouch cursed? Why didn't one of Springdale's \"Great Protectors\" and arbitors of justice educate him on how to protect his gear? As per usual, the elders of Springdale created a victim and instead of teaching Smudan, would rather spend more effort lambasting the predator that saw easy prey.

These lands are brutal and have always been so. Sorcerers are evil and sadistic. They're supposed to be. EVERYONE here has been relieved of at least one item in his or her lifetime. Everyone has been teamed and participated in a teaming on someone else. Being off the LW list means you are fair game to everyone else -- even to those still on that list. Such is the nature of a combative society. These things are not what's

wrong with this place lately. It is the sense of entitlement that seems to dictate nearly every thought and deed of the young lately. They are no more entitled to living a life free of violence here than any of their predecessors. Even pacifists are not entirely immune.

And before any \"elders\" start whining about it, I AM NOT SAYING THE YOUNG SHOULD BE TOSSED TO THE WOLVES. However, coddling them does them no good either. It especially doesn't help some loud-mouthed pup that jumped into a situation that he was ill-prepared to deal with.

In short, SHUT THE F*** UP ALREADY! I guarantee you that moronic, babbling posts like these last few do more to turn people off from the game than anything that could be done to them by an enemy. If I didn't have so much invested in this already, I would be gone just from reading the inane noises made on these boards!

Aja, the High Priestess of Nekkidness

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midsummer, in the year 1160.