Sorcs and demons.

What is wrong with you being jumped by a sorc with 20 demons?

The demon is one of the strongest points of attack by a sorcerer, hence why they have a complete skill called demonology.

To suggest that a demon should attack you in your scity without his demons is like you attacking without 1 of your sword. s

If you think you have it bad now, I wish you had been around as long as some os us, and seen players along the likes of Sata, Macros, Shaitan.

(That should read Satan) These guys played sorcerers to their true eveil character, and would find your suggestions ludicrous.

Fact is though, they would be able to defeat you easily without the demons, but never mind.

That top line should read to suggest that a sorc.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Eleuthral, in the year 983.