Finbarto Sinful Narissa, Mistress of Thieves

Narissa, you are, like your fellow thief Tukar, earning a reputation for silly

posts. You were teamed for a reason - and you know full well what it is. Perhaps

your attempt to cast this in a light that would imply that the order of light has

not fulfilled YOUR expectations is what is ironic.

To be clear, what you believe the Order of Light is to do or not do, has no value,

nor any basis in reality. I suggest you concern yourself with your own patron's

interests, and not concern yourself with the interests of Apollo. Perhaps you

can brew while dp a bit more to stop stave felling. I recall a certain diety

frowning strongly on my use of evoke peace while dp under the same circumstances.

I wonder . . . would this diety find your use of brewing to stop stave felling while

dp equally offensive? Perhaps I'll ask . . . or perhaps I'll just kill you a bit


Written by my hand on the 27th of Cloudburst, in the year 1157.