Cheap kills.

Well first off my comment on elders wasn't a complaint. As anyone who has the ability to read elders will have seen, my comment was, stop whining, it's cheap but it doesn't need changing. The debate about what *does* need changing still continues on Elders...

Secondly, since the whole point of your post seems to be to insinuate that I use cheap tactics more than others, I'll just mention that I have *never* used the box/hyper trick outside of testing. I have used box traps but I don't even have a setting to incorporate hyper into it. Second, freeze on res was available to everyone, and used by just about everyone I fought with or against. It was changed for good reason but it was hardly \"my\" tactic.

As for cheap tactics, the most annoying one I have faced has been Flagg's repeated bond/pill to guildhouse trick. This takes a while but is sooo cheap.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Skyelong, in the year 1156.