and arthor.

Plamanto Sir Julian

Welcome to Julian's and Arthour's penis er sword waving bb. The rest of us are sick of both of your false male bravado. Neither of you two would know honour if it slapped ya in the face. Don't post back a response defending yourself cause it won't

phase me. Perhaps you two have some great love and desire for one another hidden beneath chilidish petty post. Perhaps the two of you should go to azrili and explore this forbidden love but please please post something worthwhile or shut the hell up


And somewthing a bit more useful since this is the place. has anyone tried to have nann made by a sorc or any sorc try to make it? last tiume I tried qwe couldn't get it evoked.

Plaman, Thief of the Ages

Written by my hand on the 13th of Agamnion, in the year 982.